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if you are a song

then I am a whisper—
a tightly clenched jaw—
a trembling lip—
a retching, choking maw.

if you are a bird

then I’m a caged beast—
a shudder of muscle—
a gnashing of teeth—
a sick, ominous rustle.
I adore each thing
you’ve touched,
separately—I afford
to every object
its due reverence.

you left your fingerprints
on a glass yesterday
and I touched each
impression in oil,
one after the other,
an offering in miniature,
a phantom kiss.

over a smear of lipstick
you’ve left on a spoon
I ghost my lips.
a few questions:
:bulletblack: does this succeed in coming off as devoted and sweet, rather than obsessive or creepy? does the title help at all?
:bulletblack: is the painting imagery in the second strophe clear (impression, oil, miniature)? if not, is there anything I can do to make it more obvious?
:bulletblack: is it clear that the last strophe is a bit of a callback to the second one (ghost my lips // phantom kiss)?
the past year plays on repeat in my mind,
insistent, stereoscopic.

I think of how you used to love me
and it makes me sick.

I walk with the light at my back
so I can scan the shadows for your form,
those iron shoulders, those lofty horns.

I do not need a ball of string.

the labyrinth itself unwinds
beneath my feet, shifts at my back,
get away, you beast.
get away, you beast.
I wasted a year of my life,
so many outpourings of my heart,
love like a rind
down a garbage disposal.

I will grow a new year
from the stump of the old one.
I will grow a new heart
from the stone of the old one.

I will grow a new love
from the pit
of my stomach
and it will obliterate the old one
it's over, please applaud

I still exist, I promise

Wed May 28, 2014, 2:10 PM
and now that I'm done with my first year of college (!!!) I'll have time to be around more.
I haven't been uploading much because I'm hoarding all of the best poems I've been writing for publication like a greedy dragon!
but I'll get around to looking through my inbox within the next week or so, I promise.

(also, in other updates about my life-- I have a new partner of the romantic type, ahhh! we'll be spending much of the summer together so I am excite!)



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welcome to the group the haiku ledger :)
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Happiest of birthdays.  :blackrose:
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I am a particular and difficult old fart, and I have been reading poetry since 1973.  Very, very few poets, of the countless many I have read, have moved my emotions in the way your poems have tonight.  In fact, I have to stop reading your stuff for a while---that kind of intensity, at my age, can only be experienced in small sessions.  I will be back, though, because I think---and will say here where anyone can see---that you are one of the finest poets on DA, and among the most powerful that I have ever read . . . since 1973.  Few poets have shaken me up so much that I have to take a break in my reading . . . but you have done so.  Don't let anyone, any place, or any time change your inimitable style.  It is distinctly your own, and it deploys a verbal power that is more than the mere sum of words or of lines.  Your poetry will be remembered long after most others' has been forgotten.
toxic-nebulae Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Student Writer
:heart: thank you so much!
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