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modelling account: a-mouthful-of-stars.deviantart…
here! :…

it's called wanderers, witch-talkers, and it explores themes of European and Moroccan witchcraft, folklore, superstition, and mythology through poems about love, loss, culture, mental illness, disability, and race. it contains a whole bunch of new, never-before-seen poems, plus old ones that have been reworked, expanded, pared down, rewritten, or otherwise improved.

this book has changed covers, titles, and probably its entire rotation of poems at least twice during the years I've been sitting on it, but I really do feel that it represents my best work so far. I'm incredibly proud of it and I think that it's much, much better than it would have been had I released it two years ago. I'm so excited to share it with all of you and I hope that those of you who do buy it think that it was worth the wait.

I want to thank everyone who's followed and supported me over the years. your encouragement really does mean the world to me :heart:


Dough Re Mi
I've been working on my first-ever music project for the past few months & recently my efforts culminated in the release of Dough Re Mi!

Dough Re Mi is a playful, kitschen folk EP of songs filled with baking-based puns with instrumentation made up solely of baking implements. the lyrics, vocals, composition, recording, producing, baking, photography, and playing of various instruments including teaspoons, mixing bowls, whisk, dough cutter, dough scraper, flour sifter, measuring cups, strainer, grater, can opener, cookie sheet, rolling pin, pastry wheel, salt shaker, bag of flour, and sesame seeds, was all done by yours truly :heart:

the entire 5-track EP is available for streaming and download for pay-what-you-can on bandcamp:… and on soundcloud:… are also jewel-case CDs with absolutely gorgeous album booklet photography available for purchase. give it a listen and, if you like it, spread the word!

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I think I’d even start fucking men again
if it got someone to touch me like that
once more—

that desire tinged with avarice,
those palms open wide.

those mouths that split
to take me in,
that converge on me in constricting lines.

those shoulders like bulwarks,
those teeth like knives.

those greedy fingers and those
greedy eyes.

when you say “hungry” it sounds like
and god, I’m both, I’m both,
I’m both.

I’m angry enough that I’d
hurt myself out of spite to say
“look what you had and you
could not please.”

I’m hungry enough that I’d
throw myself back
to the jaws of the beast
if only it told me it wanted me.
treatise on sex as self-harm
this poem is mostly false

edit: my 8th DD! it means a lot that something so deeply personal has resonated with so many people :heart:
130 deviations
I. I think I loved you
for a little while; or, at
least, I wanted to.

II. you were the first girl
I ever kissed and, for a
time, I felt perfect.

III. it was midnight. I
wanted you to notice me,
notice everything.

IV. I was lonely, and
you were there, but you weren't her.
I don't even know.

V. I let things go too
quickly and much, much too far.
I went home and cried.

VI. it may have been too
soon, but I saw you as a
cure for, well, something.

VII. I want this to work.
you make me wish that I could
just be sane for you.

VIII. it was easier
to say nothing at all than
it was to say “no”

IX. je n’arrête pas de
te vouloir pour un instant,
mon cœur, my heart.
a haiku for every person I've ever kissed
and I think that most of them were mistakes
we love like vagrants,
ours a truck stop romance,
ours all the vagaries of
runaway time:

us a roadside motel,
us a highway map,
us a crumpled collection
of interstate lines.

ours a vagabondish worship
of the distances we drive.

and all the violence of longing,
is that yours or is it mine?

and the vacancies in my body,
are they yours
or are they mine?
l'amour a distance
NaPoWriMo day #7 (yes, I'm behind... who decided to make napowrimo the same month as finals??)
prompt: 'truck stop romance'

edit: my 7th DD! thank you so much to LiliWrites and to everyone who favourited and commented :heart:



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